Creating Sustainable Supply Chains, Organic Farms and Livelihoods for Ethiopian Smallholders

Partnership Organic Farming

In cooperation with GreenPath Food, we bring Ethiopian organic farmers into the global supply chain. At the centre of production is their expertise in their land, climate and community. In turn, we provide expertise in:

  • Organic growing
  • Sustainable farm management
  • Delivering to the world’s most demanding markets

Technical and strategic support

Greenpath recruits cohorts of farmers whom we are confident will thrive in working with us.

Farmers receive seedlings, organic inputs, agronomic advice and purchase agreements that translate in carefully planned harvests every week. Furthermore, we cool, sort, pack and ship to our customers across the world.

Holistic and sustainable organic production

Greenpath supports and teach farmers to grow in a way that moves beyond the EU-organic requirements.

We achieve this by prioritising planting fruit trees and perennials, for both their agronomic benefits and their long-term contribution to farmers’ livelihoods. Our planting is driven by permaculture principles, with a focus on intercropping, low-input growing and improving soil health.

As in the words of Joan Clark from, we are creating beautiful edible landscapes with a purpose. Here you can find a guide to create your at home.

Beyond buying organic produce

  • Excellent quality products, that supplement local growing
  • Consistent deliveries to regular schedule
  • Visibility on a cross-continental supply chain down to the field level
  • The opportunity to support Ethiopian farming families by buying as directly as possible
  • Knowledge that you are extending good agricultural practice and organic growing around the world

Find more about GreehPath Food and how we unlock the potential of smallholder farmers in the highlands of Ethiopia in Butajira in the video below and then check out our current product range here and become part of this great project!

What to read more, follow this link to the wesite of our friends from InspiraFarms and check out the interview “Smallholder Organic Fresh Produce Exports: Lessons from GreenPath Food in Ethiopia”


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