The potential for vegetables to contribute to Zimbabwe’s exports cannot be overemphasised… horticultural produce offers quick wins for Zimbabwe Mangetout growers and exporters, given favourable climatic conditions that the country is endowed with.

Building long lasting partnerships with Zimbabwe Mangetout Farmers

Together with more than seven farmers and a great team of experts in growing, cooling and managing global logistics we produce, pack and ship environmental and social sustainable Snow Peas and Sugar Snaps.

As ElbeFruit, also our partner farmers are commited to the production of 100% sustainable crops and all have undergo the GlobalGAP certification process and most of them already the SMETA Audit, others are undergoing preparations to achieve this.

Snow Peas and Mangetout farming and exports create jobs and livelihoods in Zimbabwe from land preparation happening in the month of February until the end of the season in October after all accounts have been recovered.

Fresh Airfreight weekly exports of Zimbabwe Mangetout

  • Total flexibility on incoterms and airports for direct deliveries
  • Weekly landings into Holland and into London
  • Program prices according to your needs
  • Spot prices depending on availability and market situation

Programed Seafreight into Holland

  • Dockings with ETA from week 25 to 37
  • Prepacks and bulk product
  • Most competitive fixed prices for the season, we mean it!
  • Come on board with a minimum order of one pallet

The international market is advocating for awareness of environmental impact of freight-forwarding services and is preferring the use of greener services to transport goods. A cargo plane leaves a higher carbon footprint and has less carrying capacity compared to a cargo ship, which is considered to be a much greener transportation mode

Our footprint in Zimbabwe

Contact our local office in Zimbabwe to find out more about our work in the country and how we can help you source the best Mangetout Snow Peas and Sugar Snaps.

WhatsApp: +263 78 224 8110

Local Address: 9 Barbour Rodad, Harare Zimbabwe

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Karla Díaz · May 1, 2020 at 5:27 pm

Great products, congratulations for expanding and the quality!

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